Sponsors of the 7th Festival

The London Festival of Chamber Music acknowledges with gratitude the financial support given for the 6th Season by
  • The British Alcan Charitable Trust
  • Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
  • Six Continents Retail Donations Fund
  • Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
  • several donors who wish to remain anonymous
  • Friends of the London Festival of Chamber Music
  • Mrs. E. Abrahams
    Vahid Alaghband
    Dr. Heather Allan
    Rusty & Diana Ashman
    Mrs. M. D. Barker
    Dominic Batty
    Harold & Lydia Benson
    Edmund & Sheena Booth
    Giles & Hilary Brindley
    Neave Brown
    Mrs.W. A. E. Cairns
    Patrick & Jean Cangley
    Viscountess Chelmsford
    Jan Cleminson
    Mr. & Mrs. B. Coffey
    Margaret Coolen
    John Cooper
    Heidi Corsi
    William Crawley
    John Crawley
    Derek Essen
    Mr. & Mrs. P. Falk
    John Feather
    David Freeman
    Livia Gollancz
    David Harris
    Edward Harris
    Mrs. E.F. Hayward
    Mr. & Mrs. K. Honda
    Elizabeth Horder
    Miss M. A. Hughes
    Elspeth Iliff
    Richard & Betty Jackson
    Mr. W. B. Lacy
    Barbara Law
    Professor W. Lederman
    Roger & Vivien Lewis
    Clarissa Machin
    Michael & Alex Marmot
    Cordelia Mathews
    Anne Catherine Mulgan
    Francis Norton
    Richard & Ruth Olney
    Robert Ponsonby
    Gordon & Carol Pringle
    William Reeve
    Mrs. A. Richmond-Watson
    Mrs. K. E. Ridge
    Hugh & Rowena Rosenbaum
    Mr. L.R. Rubin
    Eric Savage
    Erica Simpson
    Denis Stevenson
    John Stuermer
    Percy A. Timberlake
    Dr. K. Thomson
    Alex R. Townsend
    FP & LA Tridgell
    Miss B. E. Underhill
    Ralph & Roselyn Walter
    Audrey Wastell
    Mr. & Mrs. G. G. Williams
    Robert S. Winter
    Betsy Zander.

We are also grateful to Stentor Music Co. Ltd. for the loan of the string instruments used by the schoolchildren involved in our Educational Programme.

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