Sponsors of the 8th Festival

The London Festival of Chamber Music acknowledges with gratitude the financial support given for the 8th Season by

  • Cazenove Charitable Trust
  • CHK Charities Ltd.
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Radcliffe Trust
  • Rayne Foundation
  • Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation
  • Friends of the London Festival of Chamber Music and several donors who wish to remain anonymous

    • Diana & Rusty Ashman
    • Mrs Marianne D. Barker
    • Mr R.L. Batty
    • Lydia & Harold Benson
    • Mrs C Bailey
    • Edmund & Sheena Booth
    • Giles & Hilary Brindley
    • Mrs W. Anne E. Cairns
    • Viscountess Chelmsford
    • Ms Margaret Coolen
    • Mr John Cooper
    • Mr John M Crawley
    • Mr John Feather
    • Mr David Freeman
    • Ms Livia Gollancz
    • Ms Ursula Gregory
    • Mr Claude Héroys
    • Mr & Mrs David Harris
    • Ms Elizabeth Horder
    • Richard & Betty Jackson
    • Miss Freda January
    • Ms Cathie Jones 
    • Mrs Clarissa Machin
    • Mr Alan Maries
    • Miss Alison R Noyes
    • Mr & Mrs Max Oliver
    • Mr Robert Ponsonby
    • The Pringle Family
    • Mr & Mrs G.W. Reeve
    • Mrs A. Richmond-Watson
    • Mrs Frida Robinson
    • Mr & Mrs L.R. Rubin
    • Mr Eric Savage
    • Mr Denis Stevenson
    • Mr & Mrs FP Tridgell
    • Miss Beryl E. Underhill
    • Ralph & Roselyn Walter
    • Sir Douglas Wass
Piano hire from Markson Piano Ltd.

We are also grateful to Stentor Music Co. Ltd. for the loan of the string instruments used by the schoolchildren involved in our Educational Programme.

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